Handyman Training Program

Nashville, TN – Starting August 2021

Our online and hands-on handyman certification program has eight separate courses and takes about 16 weeks to complete. Each course builds skills that will teach you all the residential handyman service essentials. To receive this certificate, one must complete all eight courses.

Below is a list of the courses in our program, plus an overview of the skills you can expect to master in each.

Program Overview

This program is a comprehensive skills-based, practical training program that consists of eight courses that support individual skills in the following areas:

• Painting, Drywall Repairs, and Installation
• Door and Window Repairs, and Installation
• Smart Home Technology Installation
• Molding and Trim Repair, and Installation
• Hanging and Mounting
• Basic Electrics
• Basic Plumbing
• Furniture Assembly and Repair

Each course has its own certificate program.

After our students have received classroom instruction, they will then be given the opportunity to use their skills in a practical environment, out in the field alongside a Mendbnb Mender. The instructors will reinforce the theoretical learning using examples and demonstrations, with students able to practice these newly-learnt skills. Realistic jobsite settings are created to allow our students to spend time developing and mastering these skills in a supervised environment. Our students will be given a variety of tasks and required to demonstrate them successfully.

Prospective students are required to pay a $50.00 application fee in addition to the tuition fee of $400.00 for each course. The total cost for the full Residential Handyman program is $3,200.00. Students completing all eight courses who then wish to join the Mendbnb Menders team, will receive a reimbursement of 50% of the program tuition.

Please note, certification does not qualify the student to work as a registered or licensed contractor.

Overview of Courses

16 weeks online and hands-on, practical training

  • Painting, Drywall Repair and Installation Certificate:

    Students will learn the professional techniques of painting and drywall repair, and insulation.

  • Door and Window Repair and Installation Certificate:

    Students will learn how to install doors (interior and exterior), windows and doorknobs/locks, door/window insulation, and repairs.

  • Smart Home Technology Installation Certification:

    Students will learn how to install ring doorbells, cameras, nest thermostats, and smart door locks.

  • Molding and Trim Repair, and Installation Certificate:

    Students will learn how to install and repair home interior trim and molding.

  • Hanging and Mounting Certificate:

    Students will learn how to hang pictures, mirrors, blinds, curtains, shelving, cabinets, and mount TVs.

  • Basic Electrics Certificate:

    Students will learn the basics of installing switches, outlets, and ceiling fans.

  • Basic Plumbing Certificate:

    Students will learn how to install toilets and faucets, unblock sinks and toilets, repair leaks, manage garbage disposal, install dishwashers and washing machines, and install a gas stove.

  • Furniture Assembly and Repair Certificate:

    Students will learn how to assemble shelves, chairs, and desks, and how to repair beds, sofas, chairs, and patio furniture.

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