Top 10 Hidden Benefits of MendBnb

You think you’ve got us figured out, huh? Let’s see! Here are the top 10  “hidden” benefits of your monthly subscription service with MendBnb:

1) All Preventative All The Time: Regardless of the reason for being in your home, we train our Mendors to comb your home for any other issues current or future. That way, you don’t have months of guests struggling with something that could have been dealt with. This ensures quality reviews AND prevents small issues from growing into larger, costly replacements. Let’s put (and keep) money in your pocket!

2) Access to our Vendor Network. Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC specialists – you name it! We are very well-connected, and always bring out the right person for the job.

3) Pass-Through Costs: Some of our clients opt to pass through subscription costs at least in part to their guests via nightly rate or cleaning fee. For example, a $5 increase to your cleaning fee for 10 reservations/month is $50 – that’s half of our current monthly subscription for Nashville! And the crazy thing is – short term guests absolutely love Mendbnb. We know this because they become some of our biggest referrals! Adding language like “$5 of your cleaning fee goes toward paying for 24/7 Emergency Maintenance protection through MendBnb” to your listing can pay huge dividends for guest peace of mind, which of course increases those 5 star reviews and keeps your passive incoming flowing!

4) Financial Peace of Mind: We will never, ever charge you anything without consulting you first. If an issue needs a quote, we will get your approval before getting started.

5) 24/7 Emergency Maintenance: Whether by phone or Alexa, guests involve our quality Mendors directly instead of you. Enjoy your passive income and let us take care of it!

6) Quality Work: With 20 years experience in engineering, Thomas trains all our Mendors to look at each home from top to bottom as an assembly line. We use technology to create frictionless communication between us and your guests, as well as provide photos and notes for our team to ensure quality work every time.

7) Total Transparency: If you want to see every picture of every work order, you can do that through our portal! Of course if you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy that passive income, you can do that too.

8) Solving for Scheduling: Do you struggle to schedule a vendor between check out and check in during the busy season? We solve for that. Since your guest reports an issue to us, we work directly with them to come out and address any covered maintenance issue. Not only does that prevent future guests from struggling with the same issue, it also ensures a happy current guest which ensures a happy review!

9) HVAC/Large Appliance Work: Use our extensive network to quote and schedule quality work on large appliances such as washers/dryers, refrigerators, HVAC, and dishwashers.

10) We Wear a Smile: We aim to leave you and your home better than before. Every single one of us loves what we do, and are delighted to be working with you!