Things Your Handyman Should Know About Your Vacation Rental

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Things Your Handyman Should Know About Your Vacation Rental

Your vacation rental property is a good investment that will help you to earn a consistent income. In order to ensure that your property is maintained, you may have decided to hire a handyman service or a property manager. This service is useful since it will save you both time and resources in the upkeep of your vacation rental. Once you’ve hired a service, you will want regular updates on your property. There are some details that your handyman service must be able to provide you with. Here are few key updates that a good handy man service must provide:

Information on Areas for Repair

Your handyman service should be able to tell you how soon you will need to repair or replace items in your vacation rental. This does not only refer to items that may have been broken during a previous stay, but also those appliances that may require upgrades or replacement soon. This information can help you budget and allocate funds for your vacation rental. You may need major corrective maintenance that may require an outside contractor. If your handyman service does not provide you with this information, then it may be a sign that they are not performing the service you’re paying for.

Types of Appliances and Recommended Maintenance

A good handyman service ensures that they have created a catalogue of the appliances that are in your home and the best way to service them. Not all appliances are created equally, and some may require more care than others. If your handyman is not able to provide you with information on the how to service your gas range vs the previous electric stove that was in your property, then you may need to reconsider. They should also be able to provide you with model numbers which may inform your decision regarding repairs or upgrades.

A Detailed History of Work Performed

If you have hired a handyman service to maintain your vacation rental, there is a great chance you hired them to do this on a consistent basis. They should be able to provide you with a detailed history of any work they have performed over the life of the property. This will help you to evaluate the cost of the property and of course determine the areas that may be most expensive and require the most maintenance. A history of the work performed must be kept by your handyman service. If you have requested this and they are unable to provide it, you may need to reconsider future business.

A great handyman service will provide you with unmatched service. They will create a detailed profile of your property that will serve you in various ways. This may even be needed for tax purposes. They must demonstrate that they understand that a property profile is very important. It should capture every detail regarding the maintenance needs of your property. At Mendbnb we start the process by profiling your property in order to maximize the efficiency with which we work. We are trusted by over 150 property owners. Contact us today to get started and get one-month free servicing with unlimited service calls.