Preventative Maintenance

What’s Preventative Maintenance?
Preventive maintenance is a type of proactive maintenance that includes Inspect dishwasher for leaks to re-caulk showers, tubs, and sinks to prevent water damage to walls. PM keeps all of your property assets in good order and reduces unscheduled downtime and major repairs.

Preventive maintenance, also spelled preventative maintenance, is carried out with the goal of increasing your property asset lifetime by preventing excess depreciation and impairment or untimely breakdown. For a complete list of what’s covered under our preventive maintenance program see the “What’s Covered” link.

How preventive maintenance decreases downtime
Think about it in simple terms such as your car. Oil changes and regular servicing are part of a preventive maintenance schedule that ensures your car runs properly and without unexpected failure. If you ignore that maintenance schedule and miss service intervals, your car will depreciate in value and utility. The same goes for your short-term rental property. Our PM program can decrease property downtime. We achieve this by scheduling quarterly PM visits which are automatically generated within our Customer Portal.

Examples of preventive maintenance
Some aspects of a solid preventive maintenance program are obvious such as your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) should be routinely inspected, cleaned, and updated as required. However, there may be other systems within your property that also need routine maintenance to prevent failure.

How about your water systems? electrical systems, doors, stairways, lighting, and flooring all need periodic inspection and maintenance, too.

Benefits of preventive maintenance
There are more benefits of a short-term rental property preventive maintenance program than merely reducing the amount of unplanned downtime. Other benefits include:

– Extension of property asset lifetime
– Increased guest safety
– Less expensive corrective repairs
– Better margins and profits due to less property downtime