Preventative Maintenance

Light PM | Free

A visual inspection and light repairs of anything we find at the end of any scheduled corrective maintenance visit to help prevent bad reviews due to property-related issues.

Seasonal PM | $99/Visit

Our complete seasonal preventive maintenance visit consists of a detailed visual inspection and repairs of your property performed in the spring/summer and fall/winter months which consist of the following.

– Winterize all exterior faucets and pipes.
– Check and cycle heating system
– Replace HVAC system filter
– Inspect outdoor lighting
– Plumbing and drain inspection
– Pipe insulation (Insulation not include)
– Caulking and weather-stripping (Caulk & Striping not Included)
– Test and change the batteries in smoke detectors
– Check windows seals
– Check exterior door seals
– Reverse the ceiling fans
– Replace batters

– Inspect driveways and paths
– Check all patios and porches for loose nails, boards, handrails, etc.
– Check screen doors and windows
– De-Winterize exterior water valves and lines.
– Inspect basement and crawl spaces for moisture and mold.
– Check and cycle cooling system
– Replace the HVAC system filter
– Reverse the ceiling fans
– Perform routine home safety checks.
– Test and change the batteries in smoke detectors
– Change batters

What’s Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a type of proactive maintenance that includes Inspect dishwasher for leaks to re-caulk showers, tubs, and sinks to prevent water damage to walls. PM keeps all of your property assets in good order and reduces unscheduled downtime and major repairs.

How PMs decreases downtime
Think about it in simple terms such as your car. Oil changes and regular servicing are part of a preventive maintenance schedule that ensures your car runs properly and without unexpected failure. If you ignore that maintenance schedule and miss service intervals, your car will depreciate in value and utility. The same goes for your vacation rental property. Our PM program can decrease property downtime. We achieve this by performing light PMs on every property corrective maintenance visits.

Benefits of PMs
There are more benefits of a short-term rental property preventive maintenance program than merely reducing the amount of unplanned downtime. Other benefits include:

– Extension of property asset lifetime
– Increased guest safety
– Less expensive corrective repairs
– Better margins and profits due to less property downtime