Mendbnb Partners with GoodNight Stay for a Premium Experience

Nashville, TN, February 1, 2021Mendbnb has landed a deal with premium vacation rental company, GoodNight Stay. This deal will result in a major boost for the Mendbnb brand which has steadily been making waves across the southern states of Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. The property maintenance company currently services GoodNight Stay’s 14 properties in Nashville. This is just the beginning as GoodNight Stay is on a mission to have over 300 properties in Nashville by the end of 2021. GoodNight Stay has agreed to turn over all maintenance and repairs of vacation rental properties in Nashville TN to Mendbnb.

CEO and co-founder of the Mendbnb, LLC., Frank Robinson III, who has been earnestly leading the company to new heights said, “The two biggest challenges vacation rental property owners and managers have are finding reliable cleaners and maintenance companies.” He further added, “our vacation rental property maintenance and repair in addition to 24/7 subscription allow our customers peace of mind. They never have to worry about property maintenance again.” The company intends to offer its full suite of services to the GoodNight Stay rentals.

“We look forward to working with Mendbnb as they provide maintenance support, so we can focus on what we do best which is bookings and now we can do that since we have a partner that handles the maintenance” also “ I like the fact that you guys are leveraging technology to streamline and track repair request” and “I am able to out source the property maintenance to a company that specializing in maintenance while reducing my staff” said Scott G. Founder, GoodNight Vacation rentals.

Mendbnb and GoodNight Stay are major players in the vacation rental industry in Tennessee. Both companies have managed to maintain a notable market share in the industry over the years.

Mendbnb is a revolutionary vacation rental property maintenance company with locations in Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville in North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. The company helps vacation rental property owners and managers keep their property in top condition for a low monthly subscription reducing their property maintenance expense and downtime. They offer both corrective and preventative maintenance services and emergency repairs for vacation rentals.

GoodNight Stay is a premier corporate and vacation rental property management company, utilizing cutting-edge technology to leverage its 25 years of experience in the industry. The company is known for offering well-maintained, attractive properties with great amenities in Nashville and parts of Arizona. The company prides itself on “the quality of comfort, care and precision” in its design and furnishings together with a reliable concierge service that guests will experience at each of their premium rental properties in Scottsdale and Nashville.

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