How Email Helped Save Vacation Rental Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1 minute read

Email is dead,” we’ve heard this, but it’s simply not the truth. In fact, most companies that are making enormous revenue increases are leveraging the exact email strategies in this article. This advice will help get you more revenue from your emails right away. Email marketing is critical to your vacation rental business – you just have to know how to use it.

We were all impacted by COVID-19 in the travel and tourism space, and so we all needed ways to save money while generating revenue in a bad market. A tough task.

A high-quality email database is pure gold on any day, but even more so when you need to save cash. Email should be one of your lowest acquisition costs for direct bookings and one of the highest converting marketing assets. When those two variables meet, you can generate huge revenue returns with very low expenses.

At IMEG, we have a client who has been dedicated to building a very strong email marketing asset. By leveraging these strategies, they were able to grow revenue by 41.7% (equating to over $1 MILLION in direct bookings!) even through a pandemic. It works!

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To get started on deliverability, here are a few questions to ask:

• Do we have proper SPF records set?
• Have we completed any type of domain verification?
• Am I blacklisted with any email provider?

Finally, check that emails sent will land in the inbox – not a spam or promotions tab. For this, we use a tool called Glock Apps to find out how deliverability will be before sending emails.

Now that you have a high-quality list that is growing and solid deliverability, you want to make sure you know what users want.

How do you find out what your web visitors want? Watch their behavior. Figure out what THEY want and give it to them. Website traffic stats, search term activity, blog or content activity, social media interaction, and email open and click-through rates are a few good guides for understanding what your customers want. Once you know what they want, go get it and give it to them!