Pre-signup frequently asked questions

Mendbnb is the easiest way to keep your short-term property rental listing in tip-top shape. We offer corrective and preventative maintenance plus 24/7 emergency repairs for short-term property rental host and owners.

Peace of mind. We take full ownership of all aspects of your property’s maintenance and repairs. Never again will you find yourself looking for a specialist in a certain field of home repairs. Our network of 40k licensed multi-skill, multi-craft maintenance technicians cover all fields, taking the stress from you.

Corrective Maintenance is maintenance that is performed to identify and rectify a failure in a piece of property equipment with a countermeasure put in place to prevent a future failure.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of property or equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Preventative maintenance has been proven to be the most cost-effective way of maintaining your property and equipment. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. This allows us to stay ahead of problems before they happen to allow little to no interruption to your customer.

Emergency maintenance is a type of reactive maintenance that is used to prevent a threat to guest well being and property.

Preventive maintenance is a program established to use consistent practices designed to improve the performance and reduce the risk of future failures of the equipment and property.

When it is determined by you or by Mendbnb that corrective maintenance is needed, we schedule a work order repair through our property portal. We have 3 statuses for a work order, High, Medium and Low.

High level our work orders that affect the guest overall property experience but are not an emergency such as oven not working, hot water tank not working, etc… Medium levels are issue similar to a door off track, toaster oven not work, ceiling fan not working, etc… We ensure that all of your corrective maintenance related issues will get maximum attention with minimal cost and downtime to your property.

In the unfortunate event that something does happen on your property that requires immediate attention, we are your first line of defense. Our emergency hotline is clearly posted inside the property, allowing us to dispatch a  technician to the property within 90 minutes of notification and acknowledgment of issue. We cover the following:

* HVAC issues when property location ambient temperature is over 85°F or below 65°F

* Interior property flooding due to indoor plumbing issues

* Power outages due to property electrical issues

* Interior property nonlethal exposed electrical wiring

* Up to 90 minutes property response from initial notification and acknowledgment.

For our customers who find the prospect of cataloging everything they own daunting, there is some good news. No longer do you need that drawer that holds the appliance warranties and manuals.

Our property cataloging service consists of taking images of all of your appliances, HAVC systems and home AV system (optional). In the case of floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even construction cranes toppling into apartment buildings: No home is completely safe from natural or man-made disasters. Save yourself from insurance headaches with an itemized list of your personal property that you can download 24/7 within our Customer Portal.

How much is this?
FREE. At Mendbnb we are totally committed to protecting and keeping your home in tip-top shape

We also:
– Tagging with Hangers (Gas Shutoff, Main Water Shutoff, Hose Bib Shutoff)
– Labeling Circuit Box

After signup, you will receive a link to our property onboarding scheduler app where you can pick a date and time for one of our onboarding specialists will visit your property for a thorough walkthrough.

This process can take up to 90 minutes and we will conduct a complete assessment and documentation of your property. After completion, we will upload the results to our customer portal for your review.

Our property onboarding consists of a 75 plus point assessment, documentation and preventive maintenance of your property at our first visit. After we are completed you will receive access to our customer portal for your review of the full report.

At Mendbnb we understand that a property has minimum downtime for repairs and maintenance. In order to maximize the efficiency at which we work, we capture all the maintenance data needed in our property profile. This gives us an advantage when planning Corrective Maintenance and reacting to Emergency Maintenance (we don’t wait until we arrive to find out what we are working on). A detailed list of major appliances and model numbers are kept in the profile.

80% of the corrective maintenance we do is due to guests, such as clogging the toilet to breaking bathtub faucet causing water to leak into the floor below. Unfortunately, you will have a guest that doesn’t appreciate your property as much we do.

We keep a detailed maintenance log on your property from the minute we take over. You will have access to a complete maintenance history of your property through the owner’s portal. Think of this as a Carfax report for your home.

Just log into your Mendbnb property portal with the username that was issued to you after your property onboarding then click on your property address then click “Work Order” link then “Open Ticket”

No there are no additional fees for any service calls. To see what’s all included here’s a link to our terms of use.

Our tabletop contact information cards will be located throughout your property.

Yes, our service is a month-to-month service with no long term contract.

Absolutely. We will provide you a complete property repair and upgrade expense report at the end of each year.