Corrective Maintenance

What is corrective maintenance?
Corrective maintenance (also called breakdown maintenance) are maintenance tasks that are performed in order to rectify any property faulty parts, systems and equipment.

Our corrective maintenance is initiated when you, your guest, or your cleaning crew discover an issue during a property stay or visit. They can contact us directly via the phone number posted on the Mendbnb table tent cards located throughout your property.

In addition, when we visit your property for any corrective maintenance as part of a routine inspection, or emergency repair visit maximizing we will conduct a preventive maintenance inspection maximizing every opportunity to make sure your property is in tip-top shape.

Upon discovering any problem in need of repair, we will generate a work order within our Customer Portal where you can track the progress or completion of each repair.

How corrective maintenance decreases downtime
Think of corrective maintenance as something that gets caught just in time. For example, if you see that the brake pads in your car are just about worn down but haven’t affected the rotors yet, you caught them in time.

Examples of corrective maintenance
Corrective maintenance can include a wide variety of parts replacements, systems, and situations.

For example, If we are responding to an emergency request to repair a heating system in the middle of winter, we may notice that the HVAC system needs filters cleaned or replaced to improve efficiency and prevent further heat loss. We can restore the heat during the emergency and replace the filter during that same visit, or may schedule the corrective maintenance order to handle the filter issue later.

Benefits of corrective maintenance
Since corrective maintenance is performed “just in time,” the main benefit is reduced emergency maintenance calls as well as increased bad reviews from a guest. Corrective maintenance work orders are scheduled and prioritized in our Customer Portal, that helps our maintenance teams resolve problems before and potential property downtown occurs.

Corrective maintenance, coupled with good preventive maintenance, can ensure that your property stays in tip-top shape given your guests the best property experience at all times.

Mendbnb Customer Portal

Access your property information 24/7 on any device

  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Submit and track property repair work orders
  • View preventive maintenance reports
  • Access property documents manuals and images
  • Download property repair reports
  • Chat directly with your property maintenance technician