Property Cataloging

How does your property cataloging work?
For our customers who find the prospect of cataloging everything they own daunting, there is some good news. No longer do you need that drawer that holds the appliance warranties and manuals.

Our property cataloging service consists of taking images of all of your appliances, HAVC systems and home AV system (optional). In the case of floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even construction cranes toppling into apartment buildings: No home is completely safe from natural or man-made disasters. Save yourself from insurance headaches with an itemized list of your personal property that you can download 24/7 within our Customer Portal.

How much is this?
FREE. At Mendbnb we are totally committed to protecting and keeping your home in tip-top shape

We also:
– Tagging with Hangers (Gas Shutoff, Main Water Shutoff, Hose Bib Shutoff)
– Labeling Circuit Box