Biggest Challenges for Vacation Rental Property Owners Maintenance and Cleaning

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Owning a vacation rental property can be a very lucrative business. The industry is dynamic and many property owners have seen continuous growth over the years. However, it can come with various challenges that if left unchecked can see your business bleeding funds faster than you can stop it. Among the major challenges vacation rental property owners face are maintenance and cleaning. A clean, well-maintained property can be the difference between a rave review or a negative one. Here are a few examples of some of the biggest challenges regarding maintenance and cleaning that come with owning a vacation rental:

 Managing Damages Caused by Guests

When you manage a vacation rental property, you can’t always filter out the guests that book your property. As a result, you may run the risk of accommodating guests who may not always be careful with the property. While most cases that result in damage to your vacation rental may be accidental, it still presents a challenge if the cost to fix it becomes a financial burden. In the event of an occasional party or roughhousing by teenagers, things can get ugly really quickly and leave you with a bill that’s more than the amount the renters may have paid.

A good way to manage this challenge is to add a face to the property. This simply means being present to greet guests on arrival, showing them around and outlining the basic guidelines for use of the property. If you are unable to be there, you can hire a property management service who can serve as an on-the-ground team in your absence.

In order to manage the expenses, it may also be prudent to check your insurance policy and also take a damage deposit that can be refunded at the end of the stay.

 Finding the Right Cleaning Crew or Maintenance Managers

Vacation rental property maintenance and repairs are unavoidable. There will always be a need for corrective or preventative maintenance. Expert vacation rental property owners often lament that one of the biggest challenges they face in the rental industry is finding and keeping quality maintenance and cleaning crews. In addition to cleaning and putting the unit back together after guests leave, the cleaning crews are also your eyes and ears on the property. They are useful in helping you identify upcoming maintenance needs and report any damages to the property. It can be a major challenge finding a crew that pays attention to detail the way you do. Vacation rental property maintenance and repairs can be costly if they are not identified early. The right maintenance manager can help to reduce this expense or eliminate unexpected costs altogether if they are thorough in their regular checks.

 Keeping Your Rental Clean During A Pandemic

A more recent challenge that some property owners face has to do with cleaning during the pandemic. Vacation rental property owners have had to invest more funds in cleaning than before in order to ensure their properties are in line with COVID-19 safety standards. A property that is COVID-19 compliant has become like a figurative badge of honor. In order to combat this challenge, many property owners have hired cleaning services for their vacation rental property that offer deep cleaning and sanitization that can reduce the risk of exposure to their clients.

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