About Us

We know exactly what you and your guests need.

Our revolutionary home maintenance services platform helps short-term rental hosts keep their property in top condition reducing property downtown and ensure the best guest experience.

The Mendbnb platform has access to over 45,000 service providers across the United States all of which completed a background check.

Short-term rental property hosts can now have peace of mind when it comes to property maintenance. Our one low monthly corrective & preventative maintenance and scheduled & 24/7 emergency repairs subscription covering over
300 small job installation and fixing light fixtures to install HVAC and everything in between.

Mendbnb, LLC originally launched in Nashville, its hometown, in 2019. Mendbnb is powered by a group of maintenance engineers, developers, support team members, operations specialists and growth marketers passionate about helping short-term rental property hosts keeping their property up and running in tip-top condition.

The company was co-founded in 2019 by Thomas Mills and Frank Robinson.